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Patients Share Their Experience

"I have been seeing Dr. Jevtic for almost 2 months for the Nutrition Response Testing and she has helped me change my life even more then I already had. I was previously seeing someone else and the program was just not working for me and I wasn't comfortable with them, so I searched for another practitioner and after a couple searches I found Dr. Jevtic. 
Okay....I have to say...Dr.Jevtic is awesome and I mean AWESOME. She not only has a fantastic personality, but she is very knowledgable and anytime I have any issue she checks me and figures out what's going on and puts me on the right supplement to help clear it. 
I mean it has been so great to work with her, I feel so much more comfortable and confident in everything that needs to clear out of my body to feel great! She helps with any dietary changes that need to be made and fully checks you to see what caused the issue and how to fix it. She is very thorough and explains everything to you so you have an understanding of what's going on. 
If you want to get completely healthy and feel good, you need to go see her. Don't hesitate to contact her, you won't regret it."  

-Brittany F.

"I have been going to Dr. Jevtic for almost a year and she literally saved my life. At first, I was really sick and getting a lot of infections which made me more sick from taking antibiotics 3 times in 2 months. I kept going to the doctor to do more tests but they could not find what was wrong with me. My stomach would not keep anything down and my body was very weak. The doctor said that if I didn't get better, I would have to get an endoscopy for my weak stomach. I was really lost on what to do with my body and almost lost hope. I got referred to Dr. Jevtic for nutrition help and it was the best decision of my life. 
Dr. Jevtic helped me every step of the way to get better and within 2 weeks I was back to my normal self. I was able to eat full meals and got my original weight back. I also saved a lot of money from not going to the doctor all the time to do numerous tests or worse an endoscopy. I see Dr. Jevtic for my chiropractic needs now and my health increased ever more.  She will do everything in her power to help you get better and I trust her with my life. Thank you for all that you do Dr. Jevtic! Go see her for your health needs!" -Heather N.

"If you actually want to get healthy in your life this is the doctor to come and see this was probably one of the greatest Parts of my learning curve in regards to getting healthy after I injured my back I was trying to do all the best options and when I found Dr Jevtic I actually made the greatest strides in my recovery with her using her nutrition response testing, she got me on the right supplements that my body needed in order for me to function at my best. If you're looking to make a major change in your life, health and body wise then you need to do the NRT and see Dr Jevtic, she is awesome in every way."  -Cameron F.

"Dr. Jevtic has truly been a tremendous help to me over the last 4 months with the care she has given me. I am also learning many practical, helpful, positive ways to make changes that will speed my recovery. I had been suffering for a long time with pain while walking (very sore ankle), and low back pain. I also had a stiff neck, tight shoulders and tingling in hands.    Dr. Jevtic did a very thorough examination on my first visit. She then sent me for some very specific X-rays of the areas she thought might be causing my problems. We discussed her findings and she showed me on the X-rays where I had problems. We started my treatments and now I am doing so much better! I am starting to walk better and without all that pain. I have strong confidence in her abilities to help me and guide me regarding my health. She helps with nutritional guidance as well. I always feel her concern for me and her strong desire to help me and all her patients. So happy and grateful for being referred to her. You will love her positive approach to life and good health."  -Sylvia L.

"Dr. Jevtic is first class all the way! She is kind, caring, honest, and explains everything very thoroughly. She is truly passionate about healing your body naturally. I have been seeing Dr Jevtic for over one year now, and I have seen a lot of improvements with neck pain (now gone) and headaches (also now gone). Her nutrition consultations are also excellent. I highly recommend her; she's not just a great doctor but an overall great person."  -Julie T.

"I used to suffer from chronic back pain, which would keep me in bed and missing work many times throughout the year. Previous doctors would only prescribe muscle relaxers or pain medication but nothing helped, until I went to see Dr. Jevtic. After our first consultation she sent me for X-rays and went over the results in detail and explained to me what was wrong and how she would be able to help me start my path to wellness, which included chiropractic sessions and nutritional analysis and supplements. That was over a year ago and the difference is amazing. I no longer suffer from back pain and my life has improved greatly thanks to that. I would definitely recommend Dr. Jevtic to anyone suffering from chronic pain as an alternative to surgeries or pain medication. " 

-Isabel M.

"I first came to see Dr Jevtic a little over a year ago for the nutrition response testing. I was breaking out in hives and constantly in and out of doctor's offices trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I had no clue how nutrition response testing worked and what to expect, but decided to try it out anyway after a recommendation from a friend. 
Through nutrition response testing, Dr Jevtic was able to identify the stresses on my body. I followed her nutrition program that she tailored specifically to my needs and within weeks the hives lessened until they finally stopped. Her nutrition program was easy to follow and not over the top. I cannot thank Dr. Jevtic enough! She is amazing at what she does and extremely dedicated to improving your health. She goes above and beyond and I HIGHLY recommend her. You must go see her!!!"  

-Erika F.

"I really did not know what to expect when first visiting Dr. Jevtic. I was a bit nervous at first because when I asked around what goes on in chiropractic offices all people told me what "they crack your neck and your back".  I was like aghhhh! Dr.Jevtic very quickly eased my fears and I realized there is so much more to getting chiropractic help. There is a proper way to get an adjustment and she explains the process very thoroughly.
The office is very clean and intimate. I felt extremely comfortable. Dr. Jevtic is exceptionally professional and so knowledgeable. I learned just how profound chiropractic work is. It helps in so many ways. I have always had trouble with migraines and headaches and they totally went away after I started coming regularly. There have been many times I would ask her a random question about my health, nutrition, exercising or family planning and she always managed to have some great information for me just off the top of her head. Such an intelligent individual. 
If you need a chiropractor I highly recommend coming to see Dr. Jevtic because she is just the best!"  -Daisy A.

"I went in a bit skeptical but I came out a believer. Ten years ago I went to see a chiropractor for an adjustment and for some reason I didn't like it. Maybe it was that there wasn't much explaining or evaluation to it. It was just  go adjust and do you feel better. Dr. Jevtic takes her time explaining everything and answered all my questions. I like to workout 4 times a week with heavy weights, so I tend to have some bones out of place and I get plenty of knots. At 6'5 245 lbs, she has no problem taking care of me. I see her twice a week for the past month and  I feel improvement all over, less stiffness. Dr Jevtic is a very good chiropractor.  Remember stand and sit straight up don't be that person that gets old with a hunchback."  -Brad K.

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