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Pediatric Chiropractic Care













The fastest developing system in babies and kids is their nervous system. Nerves act as the communication system throughout the body. When a baby or child is misaligned, it places pressure on their nerves, reducing optimal communication between the different developing systems. Chiropractic adjustments for babies and children are extremely beneficial and essential for their proper growth and development. Adjustments remove any restrictions in the spine that place pressure on the nerves. 
Many people wonder how a baby could already be in need of spinal adjustments so early in life. The birthing process is not easy. Not for the mother, and definitely not for the baby. The baby has to make its way through a very constricted space that places a lot of stress on its little body. In addition to the natural stresses placed on the tiny body from the birth canal, babies whose mothers give birth at hospitals experience a tremendous amount of tension in their necks from the obstetricians pulling the baby out via their hands, calipers, or vacuum suction. This is true for babies born in the hospital either vaginally or via cesarean. Some common signs that your baby is in need of a spinal adjustment are colic, difficulty breast feeding/latching, digestive difficulty, flat spots on their head, etc. 

Children, on the other hand, love to play, and along with playing comes a lot of injuries. Getting adjusted regularly ensures that a child will be free of any residual effects from these injuries that start to accumulate throughout their lives. Children are able to recover quickly, and by addressing an issue when it first occurs helps to prevent childhood traumas from becoming  adulthood problems/illnesses. 

Another wonderful benefit of spinal adjustments is improved immune system function. The nervous system directly regulates the immune system; therefore if the nervous system is free of interference, the immune system is able to function at its optimal level. Babies' and children's immune systems are constantly being challenged with new colds, flus, and other various infections. Many parents prefer to keep their kids' bodies free of any medicine and vaccinations, and utilizing chiropractic care is a means to make this as easy as possible for their families. 
Parents may rest assured that a spinal adjustment for babies and children is a gentle process. The amount of pressure needed to align the spine of a baby is minimal. The same goes for a child. Muscles are not yet fully developed, and are typically free of any adhesions, unlike adults, making the adjustments very easy.


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