Nutrition Response Testing (NRT)

NRT is a non-invasive exam performed on the body to

determine underlying areas of weakness that contribute to

one's overall health status. Proper communication within

the body is vital for optimal health to exist. When a

disruption in the communication occurs, messages are not

properly relayed, health begins to deteriorate, and disease

ultimately prevails.
NRT is the system we use to uncover the underlying

stresses that contribute to an improper flow of

communication. This is done by testing the body's

neurological reflexes. Neurological reflexes are an insight to how the nervous system is functioning, and being that the nervous system is the key to all communication throughout the body, it is the most precise form of discovering any disruption.
A full body scan is performed to evaluate all reflexes. The practitioner does the analysis by contacting the patient's extended arm with one hand, while contacting the specific reflex area with their other hand. If the reflex being tested is stressed, the nervous system will respond by reducing communication to the extended arm, causing it to weaken and drop. The arm drop signifies the presence of stress or dysfunction to the area being tested. Once the stress is properly addressed and corrected, the arm drop response no longer occurs. 
NRT allows for each individual patient to have a clinical nutrition program designed for their body's specific needs. Following the consultation, results will be given in a way that is easy to understand, with a specific nutritional program to follow. The nutritional program will include dietary recommendations and whole food supplements to aid the body in healing itself. It is important to understand that the body has the complete ability to heal itself when provided with the right nutrients!

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