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Why do NRT?

Health can best be explained by comparing it to a two-pan balance

scale. One side represents optimal health, while the other side

represents less than optimal health. The scale naturally tips in

favor of which side you place more emphasis on. By maximizing

healthful life practices, and minimizing the unhealthful ones, you

tip the scale in favor of good health. This helps to explain why

working off bad habits in the gym does not achieve better health.

It merely keeps the scale in balance until a force causes it to go in

either direction. Optimal health can be achieved by anyone. What it

takes to achieve, however, is unique to each individual.

People are altogether different when you break them down to the food and drink they

ingest, the air they breathe, the products they use, the stress they experience, and the

emotions they feel. It is consequently understandable why it may take one person more

effort to be healthy compared to another person. Although we are unable to physically change our genetic makeup, we have the ability to make changes to our environments. By having some control over our environment, we can affect the expression of our genes in ways that are both good and bad. Again, maximizing the good helps to reduce disease-promoting genes from being “turned on,” while unhealthful life practices will promote the expression of those genes.


It is important to remember that bad health rarely happens over night. It takes years of neglect and often a trigger, such as a traumatic experience or a highly stressful situation, to tip the scale toward the wrong side. Disease begins to take root years before it ever manifests. Research shows us that disease begins at a microscopic level the moment a gene’s function gets impaired. The research found that the amount of time that passes between dysregulation of a gene to it resulting in full-blown cancer is twenty or more years! This is why it is so important not to base your health simply on how you feel. It takes years for symptoms to develop, and by that time you are years into the disease process. Reversing the effects of disease gets harder and harder as the years go by. However, taking control of one’s health and having the guidance of a knowledgeable practitioner can turn a life around for the better.

Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) is an incredible way to help guide people on their personalized paths to optimal health. NRT uses neurological reflexes to determine the specific health challenges that a person may or may not be aware of. NRT identifies weakened organ systems and the stressors that are causing those weaknesses. Personalized nutritional programs are created for each individual, which includes dietary recommendations and whole food supplementation in order to provide the body with the means to begin the healing process. Don’t wait twenty years for a diagnosis to be made. Take control of your health today, and call to set up a nutritional appointment.

An empty two-pan balance scale set on a table.
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