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Preventive and Wellness Chiropractic Care

Many people think of chiropractic

adjustments as the go-to solution for

neck and back pain problems. This is

completely accurate, however, many

don’t realize that chiropractic care

has so many more benefits than

simply getting people out of pain.

When someone is experiencing an

episode of pain, his or her body is already in a state of crisis. When chiropractic care is utilized

to its fullest potential it not only helps to prevent these moments of crisis from occurring, it also promotes wellness by supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself through the nervous system.
The nervous system can be compared to a telecommunication system. The brain is the control center where all messages originate. The spinal cord is the direct avenue of communication through which messages are being sent to and from the brain. Spinal nerves extend from the spinal cord to deliver messages to specific areas of the body (organs, tissues, glands and cells). These spinal nerves exit at each level of the spine between the vertebrae. When the spine is out of alignment it places pressure on these nerves, which interferes with the communication occurring between brain and body. Messages do not fully get delivered, resulting in the body functioning at suboptimal levels. If these misalignments never get corrected to remove pressure from the nerves, the body slowly begins to break down from improper functioning and symptoms of disease begin to appear. 
Diseases are a result of numerous variables: poor nutrition, stress, toxic exposure from our environment, etc., etc. One of the most essential variables to remove from this equation is the physical stress placed on the nerves. Chiropractic is the means in which to remove the physical stress from the nervous system to allow for proper communication to resume. 
The nervous system is the foundation for all functions occurring in the body. Keeping it clear of any interference prevents numerous diseases from ever developing, and allows for wellness to be possible.


A man running up a ramp, and woman running below on flat ground.
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