21-day Purification Program



                                                                                              Purification is a great method to give your body a tune-up or jump-start to                                                                                                       help improve your health from its current status. There is no question about                                                                                                   having to take your car in at least twice a year for its necessary maintenance                                                                                                   to keep it running well. The same principal stands for our bodies. The                                                                                                               purification program helps to rid the body of toxins that we are exposed to                                                                                                       on a day-to-day basis, whether it is from the food we eat, drinks we drink, air                                                                                                   we breathe, medications taken, or products placed on our bodies. If you                                                                                                           never do any kind of purification, your body starts to slow down from the                                                                                                         burden of all the toxins that have built up in your system, and various symptoms start to develop such as headaches, fatigue, poor concentration, insomnia, frequent illness, sinus problems, allergies, post nasal drip, poor digestion, etc., etc.

Commonly what occurs when people are on a journey toward attaining better health, a plateau is reached. This often happens because the body has reached a point where it needs to unload toxins before it continues toward achieving optimal health. Toxins get stored in our fat in order to protect our vital organs from being constantly exposed to them. As much as people don’t like the fat on their bodies, remember it is there for good reason; to protect you. The amount of fat on your body is a good indicator as to what your body’s level of toxicity is. As weight gets shed, so do the toxins. However, your body can only drop so much weight if toxins are not completely cleared out. That is why losing weight for some people can be difficult. The purification program helps to flush the system of those toxins, and allows for more weight to be lost and better health to be attained. 

The 21-day purification program consists of dietary guidelines and whole food supplements that assist in ridding your body of toxins safely. Completing the purification successfully is largely dependent on how well one’s body is prepared for the journey. Although people like to jump in and get started, Dr. Jevtic Pitruzzello evaluates each of her patients first to determine whether their body is ready to start purification immediately, or if a pre-purification is required. People who commonly require a pre-purification prep are those who crave sugar, need coffee daily, or who have poor diets.

If purification sounds like what you need to do to get your health onto the right path, please give the office a call today to set up your appointment.

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